Friday, August 19, 2011

Possibly Free Sunday Afternoons Kids and Baby Hats via The Clymb!

Right now you can get hats and apparel from Sunday Afternoons for up to 60% off at The Clymb! They have several hats for children priced between $7.98 and $9.98. If you are eligible for this Klout Perk, you can get a $10 credit to the climb making these hats free! You can also score adult items for only a few dollars with the $10 credit if you prefer. Even if you do not qualify for the Klout Perk, the $7.98 hat is 60% off which is a good deal!

UPDATE: I checked on shipping costs and it looks like they have a flat rate of $7.98 shipping for all orders. That makes this deal not quite as good as I was expecting, but if you can get that $10 credit you are still saving enough money to make this a worthwhile deal!

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