Sunday, September 4, 2011

Save 80% On Tidy Cats Litter + Friskies Party Mix from Target

Right now at Target Tidy Cats Litter is $6.99 (down from $7.49). Go to Target's Coupon page and print the $2 off 20 or 30lb Purina Tidy Cats Scoop Instant Action cat litter and get the litter for just $4.99!

Most of the Instant Action cat litters at my Target had Peelies attached to them for one free 2.1 oz bag of Friskies Party Mix cat treats (any flavor) with purchase of litter.

Original Price:
Tidy Cats Litter: $7.49
Friskies Party Mix: $1.42
Total = $8.91 (before tax)

With coupon:
Tidy Cats Litter: $4.99
Friskies Party Mix: $0.00
Total: 4.99 (before tax)

You're saving roughly 84% or $4.09!