Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Personalized Postcard from My Personal Postcard - $20 Voucher for $9 also Available at Plum District!

Right now you can get a post card for free from My Personal Postcard! You'll need an iPhone to work this deal. Download their free app to your iPhone and go to settings where you will register and use promo code MPP1000. This will add 2 credits to your account which is good for one postcard. This freebie should be good for another 3 weeks or so. A voucher deal is also running at Plum District for them today. You can get a $20 voucher for $9, which is 55% off and will get you 10 postcards.

If you aren't aware of what My Personal Postcard is, let me tell you about it! I think it is the coolest thing I have seen in a while! You take a picture with your smart phone and then use the My Personal Postcard app to make postcards (actual, physical postcards) out of it with your personal message on them on them. Then you can send them out to anybody you like via snail mail! Postage is included for the freebie and in the voucher price.

How handy would that be for birth announcements? You could send them right from the hospital with no trouble! You could also use it for thank you notes. Just snap a picture of your kid enjoying their gift and send it off! Vacations, weddings, birthday invitations... it's so versatile! It's so neat how things are changing with all of our new technology!

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