Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nature Made Vitamin Deal at Rite Aid - Update

After some price checking, I determined that you can indeed get a decent deal at Rite Aid on Nature Made vitamins. You get a $10 + UP reward when you buy $20 worth of Nature Made vitamins. When you use coupons in conjunction with this, you can get a good deal. Here is an example:

Buy 1 Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 mg, 120 count for $10.90
Buy 1 Nature Made Vitamin A 8000 mg, 100 count for $5.29
Buy 1 Nature Made Vitamin D3 400 mg, 100 count for $5.49
Total Cost: $7.18 for all three after $10 +UP reward or $2.40 each

There are tons of combinations you could use to get a good deal but the key to getting the best deal is to get your total as close to $20 as possible before coupons and to then use as many coupons as possible, which can be helped along by buying the cheaper items so you can squeeze in at least one coupon apiece. Good luck!

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